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Google provides users millions of reasons to have Chrome

Google earlier gave Chrome users ample of reasons to drop its browser recently. Some of these include security issues, disputable changes, data matters, and opponents providing greater privacy. However, now Google has found a strong reason to stay. Last month, following a shocking release U-turn, Google has now introduced Chrome 81 that delivers a wide roll-out of ‘Tab Groups.’

This is the company’s huge change to how Chrome Tabs function 11 years ago at the time of browser launching. While the name proposes ‘Tab Groups’ considered as a new approach to arranging the mass of tabs opened at one time in Chrome. It’s not only innovative but also easy to use. One can Right-click or Double tap on any tab> Select ‘Add to new group’> then drag linked tabs into that group.

Like all the excellent concepts, Tab Groups is amazingly easy, and it will change the method for using Chrome. Particularly, users don’t require keeping different browser windows open for a separate project. Users can all accompany in a single window with each project describing clearly.

Chrome 81 introduced for Windows, Mac, and Linux as of now. If users fail to notice the tab Groups, they can simply enable it by using the flag available in the Chrome address.

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Sharan Stone

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