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BayWa RE acquires German digital service outfit

The planet is currently in the digital era where there a new technology innovated every day. Why not when technology eases most of the things we have to do in our homes, offices, and every other place. From these facts, you can understand why new technology firms rise now and then, and old tech firms form a partnership with a dream for an upgrade. In the recent report, BayWa RE has taken a massive step in the tech industry after introducing a German digital service outfit. In the recent trends, it was one of the most-discussed issues as people wonder what this detail means for BayWa RE’s future.

From the report, BayWa RE has successfully taken over a German company, Kaiserwetter’s IoT, which involves asset intelligence and data science operations, boosting its digital asset functions. This deal is a complete package with the latter’s Aristoteles and Iris software platforms. Then, there is a complete skillset package where the company offered the entire software development and data science teams in Hamburg, Germany. This deal is friendly since it includes the running projects, projects under development, and the skillset to work on the projects. In other words, the most changes Kaiserwetter could experience is the top management team.

What is Aristoteles? It is a cloud-based IoT, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligent platform whose main aim is to maximize investment portfolios in portfolio performance.  Iris is a bit different since it focuses more on the potential identification and access asset performance. The latter is an intelligent data analytics machine that uses data insights and reports to calculate the product’s potential and performance in question. These two projects come in handy as people wonder about the renewable energy investment base. Why is that? You can use the two digital platforms to maximize renewables’ performance and realize the potential of a field.

Through Tobias Bittkau, BayWa RE global director of services, the company shared some of its thoughts. The latest acquisition under BayWa RE indicates its commitment to using digital techniques to include intelligence assets in the renewable energy industry. Also, this move is a critical milestone on the renewable energy transition and the role digital technology needs to play to aid in the transition process.

Tobias claims that blending the Aristoteles project, Iris digital platform, and some of BayWa RE resources will create many digital solutions. With resources, expertise, and solutions to form a seamless platform, transparency, efficiency, and value for asset owners globally. This latest acquisition has great potential and will lead BayWa RE to a fruitful venture.