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Long-distance space travel to help address problems related to radiation

Scientists from the United States and the Netherlands have published a review that points out safe ways to keep space explorers safe from negative cardiovascular health problems. Such health problems come with much exposure to radiation from space during long-distance space travel.

Effects of Cardiovascular

Space radiation has become a major stumbling stone for long-distance astronomers because they are exposed to space radiations, which negatively affects their bodies. Effects that come with space exposure can only be found with Apollo program members who traveled to the moon. However, the figure is little to make possible assumptions yet. While astronomers are in space, they get exposed to galactic cosmic rays and solar (proton storms), and they can be connected to cancer and neurological health problems. However, there is no information regarding the effects of space radiation on the cardiovascular system.

Scientists from various institutions have done exhaustive research to establish a connection between space radiation and cardiovascular health issues. Institutions include; Radboud University, Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands, University Medical Center, and Stanford University, to mention a few. The researchers presented their findings to the journal of Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine.

Manon Meerman, a graduate student from UMC Utrecht, states that many scientists get information from patients who have received radiotherapy from cancer. Here, a cardiovascular disease becomes a side effect that illustrates negative effects originating from space exposure on the system. Some space exposure effects include; fibrosis and increased development of atherosclerosis.

If space agencies like NASA and ESA plan to enlarge their space travel on different planets like Mars, their astronauts would not be exposed to similar environmental’s missions. NASA views space radiation as a stumbling rock for long-distance space travel. However, the actual short and long-term effects of space exposure are unknown. Research concerning effects that come with space radiation started to take effect in the past few years, and scientists prove the little data they have from their findings.

Developed models

Another major issue raised by Meerman is that space agencies cannot protect their space explorers fully from space radiations. She argues that the intensity of radiation from the earth as one goes far beyond is strong that an astronaut is largely affected. There is no approval of any radioprotective technology, and that makes it difficult to use pharmacological systems. Meerman urges space organizations to find new ways to protect their space explorers from harmful radiation while in space.