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Total and Microsoft ink deal to collaborate on renewable energy solutions

Total SE, the French multinational petroleum and gas company, has signed power purchase agreements (PPAs) with Bill Gate’s multi-billion tech company, Microsoft. The partnership will see both companies develop strategies to eliminate carbon emissions through diesel-free solutions for data center backup generators. The two firms will “explore and innovate” on “sustainability and furthers digital transformation to accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy.” By incorporating low carbon power sources and using carbon capture technologies, both companies will back up the world’s zeal to curb climate change caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

In January last year, Microsoft revealed its zero-emission goals by launching a company-wide focus on sustainability. The Washington-headquartered tech giant detailed a plan to become carbon negative by 2030. After reaching the zero target, the firm will also employ high-end carbon capture technology to rid the environment of carbon emissions. Total has also made carbon reduction goals to be implemented in the next decade. By 2025, the company estimates to have 35gigawatts (GW) of green power capacity. This capacity is projected to rise to 100GW by 2030.The French multinational plans to go all green by 2050 in all its production and products.

Total will supply Microsoft’s renewable energy needs through the PPAs. In the first round of PPA, Total will deliver 47megawatts (MW) to Microsoft’s branches in Spain. By 2030, all technological and technical operations in all Microsoft’s companies will use clean energy. Saft, a Total subsidiary, will help Microsoft realize long-term net-zero carbon goals by developing a roadmap to diesel-free undertakings.

Microsoft’s end of this deal is to evaluate the efficiency of various technologies used by Total for its portfolio of onsite backup energy assets such as generators and diesel Genset displacement. According to Microsoft, large-scale batteries are vital if companies are to get rid of diesel fuel dependency. If green energy is used in generators for backup power, zero-carbon targets are attainable.

In this agreement, both companies will test the long-term conceivability of using large batteries as backup power for critical infrastructure. “The rapid development of Total and Microsoft in their areas of expertise brings many opportunities of cooperation for both companies, who are at the forefront of the fight against climate change, “said Patrick Pouyanne, Total’s CEO.

“We are committed to bringing our expertise by selling green electricity to support Microsoft in achieving its sustainability goals, and we’re pleased to rely on Microsoft’s cloud and AI solutions to accelerate our digital transformation,” added Pouyanne.

Microsoft said the two firms have an opportunity to use advanced digital technology to reduce greenhouse emissions. “Our strategic partnership with Total will apply the comprehensive power of Microsoft cloud platforms to accelerate Total’s transition to new energies and to meet sustainability goals,” said Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO.