Coronavirus Electric vehicles

E-mobility Index 2021 shows high demand for electric vehicles despite the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in Europe

China is the leading producer of the most prominent electric cars and battery cells in the E-mobility index 2021. For the market section, Germany record a unique position climbing from position five to the top position thanks to an increase in electric cars’ sales by over 250%. The leading country in the technology industry, South Korea, is constantly improving electric cars’ performance.

The “E-mobility Index 2021” is a country comparison for Italy, China, France, Germany, South Korea, the USA, and Japan, jointly founded by the management consultancy Roland Berger and Fka GmbH Aachen. It examines the three leading indicators, including market, industry, and the technology sector. Wolfgang Bernhart, Partner at Roland Berger, stated that the market trend towards e-mobility had taken a significant momentum in the last few months. However, the automotive industry’s general sales are low due to the Covid-19 pandemic even though e-mobility is rising globally, with many countries embracing change.

Germany currently ranks top in the market section ahead of France and China, with about 400,000 electric cars sold in the country in 2020, increasing 250%. Regarding the units sold, these figures make Germany the second-largest market for electric vehicles globally behind China, with its share of EVs having an overall market rise of 12.6%. The government has subsidies in the form of buying premiums to support the upward trend.

France has an electric car share of 9.5%, which is equal to South Korea and Italy, and it’s a significant increase for the three countries. But Italy has shown the best progress regarding fully electric vehicle market share, which ranks up to 376%. China and the USA recorded an average sales growth. Alexander Busse, the senior consultant at fka Gmbh Aachen, stated that the upward trend across Europe, thanks to government subsidies, demonstrates that China’s gap can narrow with time.

China is the leading electric vehicles market, and it still dominates the production sector. When it comes to the units produced, China shines in battery cell and electric car production. According to a reliable prediction, the global production of plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars will rise by 13% in a timeline between 2018 and 2023. China is currently focusing on battery production activities, and its current capacity accounts for more than 70% of the global capacity.

In the technology section, South Korea is the leading country with increased vehicle performance in its overall production units. And it still offers an excellent price-performance ratio. The government is focusing on the performance of the existing brands while the USA, China, and Germany are working on new launches this year, increasing the variety of these cars globally.