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In Indiana, NIPSCO signs two further clean energy deals

NIPSCO, as well as EDP Renewables’ North American affiliate, revealed a power purchase agreement (PPA) and a build-and-transfer deal for two clean energy ventures in White County, one solar and one wind, on Tuesday. The 204-megawatt Indiana Crossroads II Wind Farm, scheduled for a facility in White County, will be covered by the power purchase agreement. EDP Renewables first confirmed the agreement on March 1. NIPSCO will buy the plant’s entire power potential, which is expected to be functional in the year 2023. The BTA would provide for the development of 200 MW Indiana Crossroads Solar Park in White County, which is scheduled to be operational in 2022. If the building is over, NIPSCO will form a joint partnership.

EDP Renewables North America, as well as NIPSCO, have already joined their third and fourth ventures, respectively. They’ve already negotiated BTAs for 302 MW Indiana Crossroads I Wind Farm, which is still under development, as well as the 102 MW Rosewater Wind Farm, which is now completely operational. White County is host to all of them. “Low-cost power, enhanced economic growth, and extra funding for public facilities — both of which are important for the region — continue to be seen as gains from local solar energy and wind ventures,” stated Gayle Rogers, White County auditor, in a report following NIPSCO’s statement of the agreements. “We are delighted to accept these latest solar energy ventures, which will hold White County at the forefront of sustainable energy growth in Indiana.”

In Indiana, EDP Renewables does have 1,001 MW of installed potential, which will expand to 1.6 gigawatts once projects under development are finished, generating enough electricity to power over 410,000 typical Indiana households. With the latest project announcements, power generation will rise to 2,200 MW. “EDP Renewables is pleased to partner with NIPSCO to deliver two more ventures to White County that are vital not just to the success of sustainable energy in Indiana, but also to the state’s economy,” stated Miguel Prado, Chief executive of EDP Renewables North America. “EDPR NA is dedicated to speeding Indiana’s current energy transformation, which is spurring economic development, drawing new industries, and putting the state on the cutting edge of clean energy innovation.”

The Indiana Crossroads II Wind Farm, as well as Indiana Crossroads Solar Park, follow 11 other clean energy ventures, revealed as a component of NiSource’s “Your Energy, Your Future” program, which seeks to reduce coal usage by 2028. NIPSCO President Mike Hooper stated, “NIPSCO is committed to partnering with established energy entrepreneurs like EDP Renewables who do share our long-term vision of a healthier, more sustainable, and secure energy future.” “Today’s announcement is yet another important move toward realizing our customer-centric ‘Your Energy, Your Future’ agenda.”