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NBN Co is evaluating the plausibility of obtaining 100Mbps-plus to run its activities

The company is testing the satellite service technology that it developed, hoping that it can bring it to the market to meet other businesses’ needs. The equipment can offer 100Mbps after a few tweaks by linking it to the satellite of the company. The chief of operations for both regional and remote, Gavin Williams, stated that they have managed to develop equipment that can exceed 100Mbps in its internet connectivity. He added that they also have a Sky Muster Plus service which they intend to introduce into the market as a 25Mbps-plus service. This service can max to 50Mbps and dip to a minimum of 10Mbps. However, the other equipment which they want to optimize can clock 100Mbps on a good day.

Gavin emphasized that they intend to keep this option viable while exploring the other technologies’ performance. He pointed out that they have been contemplating how they can offer the business satellite service beyond the fixed-line footprint. This move would make the company stand ahead of its competitors in this sector. The retail service providers (RSPs) that market the business satellite services take up marketing to meet the 50/13Mbps threshold. If the entities consider this, Gavin Williams company would have to work up to ensure that the minimum surpasses 13Mbps. William stated they have been adamant about venturing into this industry with their latest development because their Sky Muster satellites have a lifetime within 15 years.

William noted that the satellites have already covered five years, and they still have a decade of relevance. He expressed delight in the fact that their partner, whose job was to refuel the satellites with clean fuel for efficiency and durability. The company could not project what would exactly happen to the satellite after the lapse of its lifespan. However, the developers are thinking of mechanisms to increase the lifespan of the satellites. William articulated that the geosynchronous equatorial orbit technologies have advanced for some time. That’s why they have secured a purchase order for Sky Muster, which will allow them to develop flexible beams for the satellites.

Additionally, NBN Co has declared plans of purchasing satellites within the low-Earth orbit instead of developing its own to offer the Sky Muster service. William thinks that Elon Musk’s plan for the Starlink constellation can be successful. He explained that some considerations should be factored into the project for it to be effective.